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Bletsian LMS e-Learning Solutions

About us

Solutions in Education

Our LMS platform was developed for educators by educators enabling instructor led, self-paced, and blended classes. Innovative, adaptive technology allows professors and students to connect and learn.

Solutions in Business

Bletsian LMS offers an innovative Cloud platform for employee and pre-employee testing that gives employers a straightforward, efficient and economical method of assessing employee proficiency.

Solutions in Healthcare

Specialized LMS platform that enables healthcare organizations to develop their people by delivering learning, assessing performance, and ensuring compliance with medical certification rules.

Solutions in Industries

Bletsian LMS is helping companies train their employees on workspace safety. Enabling site specific compliance needs and making it easy for you to track and maintain your safety training records all online.

Learning management systems are only as good as their core features. Bletsian LMS offers a special blend of tools designed to simplify the learning process.

Bletsian LMS goes beyond the tools and fancy gadgets, it enables teachers and instructors to engage their students in a rich and exciting interface, connecting them in their world.

Built with Adaptive Learning Environment architecture


Bletsian LMS is an innovative cloud platform for employee and pre-employee testing that gives employers a straightforward, efficient and economical method of assessing employee proficiency.


Bletsian LMS reporting tools assists the teacher in the evaluation of each student by presenting their progress making it easier to identify problems in a students performance.

Learning Path

Bletsian LMS powerfull data engine magages and tracks the students entire learning plan. Students have a customized and easily managed interface to set them in the right direction.


Bletsian LMS provides tools for employeers to help insure their compliance with HIPAA and Omnibus final rules.

We'll assist you in moving your learning and training to the cloud!

Bletsian LMS is a complete learning package.

Our Features

Flexibility built in

Bletsian LMS allows students to register and sign up for classes. Courses can be instructor lead, self passed, or a combination of both (blended) and courses are grouped into categories. Instructors can easily upload or embed media and documents into the lesson plan. With this solution teachers or employers can create and customize employment tests with respect to group types, questions and time durations.

Mobile Friendly

Use from every device that has a browser. Tablets, PC's & Smartphones.

Nothing to Install

Web-based software - access from anywhere

Add Images & Videos

Easily insert images and embed videos into your course content and questions.

Download Certificates

Create certificates per test or group of tests.

Real Time Grading

Instant test scores with explainations and results.

Analytical Reports

Drill into each test to find weak areas. Export reports to Excel.

Live Dashboard

Live interactive management dashboard enabling managers to monitor the testing activities.

Data is Safe & Secure

Your data is safe and secure. Daily backups with on a mirrored and replicated infrastructure.

Simple Navigation

Easily Manage Content

Rich Text Editing

Create learning communities to encourage students to engage with one another, contribute expertise and learn from others using interactive content in near real time.

Advanced Learning Platform

Our Solutions

Course Catalogs

Teachers and instructors can customize courses.

Lesson Plans

Break-up courses into lessons, topics, quizzes, and categories.


Comment and approve on submitted assignments.


Private or public course specific forums for your enrolled users.


Set course, lesson, and quiz based prerequisites.

Timed Lessons

Set a minimum amount of time that must be spent per lesson.

Certificates & Points

Award custom certificates and points for course activities.

Tests & Quizzes

Seven question types, custom messages, and MUCH more.

Email Notifications

Built-in email features make communication easy.


Insert videos, files, images, audio and more.

Community Groups

Keep track of course assignments and collaborate on class projects.

Social Learning

Create engaging assignments that encourage collaborative learning.

Interactive Dashboard

Easily Manage Courses

User friendly classrooms

Core features included in all plans.

Core Features

Feature 1

Mobile Friendly

Use Bletsian LMS from every device that has a browser.  Tablets, PC's & Smartphones.

Feature 2

Free Support

We provide free support to all our customers.  Just submit a support case and you should receive an answer from a real person, typically in about 30 minutes during business hours.

Feature 3

Free Setup Assistance

Stess-Free Setup Assistance is designed for the convenience of our customers who require help setting up their site for the first time. This one-hour phone appointment is to assist all customers to get their site "up and running" with a trained professional.

Feature 4

99.9% Uptime

We make use of Microsoft Azure's mirrored and replicated infrastructure, ensuring seamless failover when needed...giving assurance that your data will never get lost!

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$55-Per Month

Free Setup

BletsianLMS.com Domain

250 Tests per Month

100 Students

Shared Database

Branding: No

Certificates: No


Adaptive Learning: No


$75-Per Month

Free Setup

BletsianLMS.com Domain

500 Tests per Month

200 Students

Shared Database

Branding: Yes

Certificates: No


Adaptive Learning: No


$349-Per Month

Free Setup

Custom Domain Name

Unlimited Tests

Unlimited Students

Dedicated Database

Branding: Yes

Certificates: Yes

SSL: Yes*

Adaptive Learning: Yes

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